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30 Sep 2020 • Makii

Many leaves, One tree

We might be separated but we're still connected.
  • Following the motto above, we have been taking the ongoing health measures seriously during these recent months and thus were very excited about some of the creative safety concepts that trickled through the cracks of this separating wall that is the global pandemic. Recently we were finally able to take actions in person again and used them as opportunities to once again support reforestation projects - cause we love them happy trees! 🌳

  • The answer might be simpler than you think.

    You might be wondering why a lot of the Milky Change projects’ focus lies on the topic of reforestation. Well you see, we are confident, that the answer to climate change is a natural one, rather than squirming our way out of this by inventing yet another fancy machine. 

    As musicians, one great way of supporting the natural coping mechanisms of our planet is to simply: plant more trees

    (To read up on what exactly makes trees especially awesome, click here)

  • A 2019 study finds that a worldwide reforestation programme could remove up to two-thirds of all the emissions from human activities that remain in the atmosphere today, while - of course - it remains vital for the current trend of rising greenhouse gas emissions to be reversed.

    “This new quantitative evaluation shows forest restoration isn’t just one of our climate change solutions, it is overwhelmingly the top one” said one of the leading researchers of the study, as quoted in this Guardian article

    We, Milky Chance will keep financing reforestation projects because we feel confident that planting trees is one of the most powerful and friendly tools we have to tackle global warming amongst the many other benefits it entails. 

  • The Global Climate Strike

    So as promised, we will finance one tree for every person striking with us in Berlin during the recent global climate strike.

    That adds an extra 🌲21113 happy little trees🌲 to our tree counter. 

    The Global Climate Strike
    Clemens & Philipp at the Global Climate Strike in Berlin (09/2020) 
  • The Picnic Concert

    For our recent socially distanced picnic concert here in Berlin we also promised to plant a tree for every ticket sold - adding another 🌱1000 trees🌱 to our counter. Thank you for coming! 

    The Picnic Concert
    © Anthony Molina 2020
  • Even the mightiest tree started from a single seed... I want to encourage you to do your part in changing the outlook for our planets future - for the better. 

    Let’s keep up the conversation and push governments to seriously start acting on the climate crisis! Keep reading and posting about the topic, keep striking on the street or online, keep signing petitions, keep donating to good causes and environmental organisations, keep speaking to your friends and family about the issue and if you have the opportunity, keep VOTING for political representatives who prioritize these issues. 

    Because this is not fine. 

    Even the mightiest tree started from a single seed...
    © KC Green 
Title picture: © Ink Drop