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Hi! I am Makii.

Music has been a constant companion throughout my entire life. Going to see live shows and spending summers at music festivals remain my biggest source of joy and happiness, along with my travels. I live in a constant state of Fernweh and dream up new travel adventures on a regular basis. My background is in geography, which I studied in Berlin, hoping to gain a better understanding of the planet that I love to explore. While still studying, I traveled as much as possible and spent a good part of my adult life living out of a backpack. It was on these travels, armed with the knowledge taken from my studies, that the human impact on pollution and environmental destruction all over our planet became more and more clear to me – as was the fact, that I am part of the problem. 

The struggle of wanting to be more eco-conscious while still enjoying what the world has to offer is something I try to navigate in my personal life on a daily basis. The band Milky Chance has asked me to do the same thing for them professionally ;)

I was brought on board of the Milky Chance team as their Sustainability Manager in 2019 and have helped them to become more eco-conscious, make better choices in their professional life as well as advocating for the cause in general, ever since.

I strongly believe that eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to compromise what you enjoy in life. We have countless opportunities to make choices that will impact our environment in a positive and more sustainable way.

No matter if you are a fan, an artists in the music industry yourself or just interested in the different approaches to sustainability. I am here to learn and share our process with you to hopefully help with your own next steps in becoming "greener". Let’s be part of the solution – not the problem.