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Our planet is facing an environmental crisis.

We all seem to become more and more aware of this man-made issue that is climate change. Though this topic can seem too scientific and complex to ever reach our doorsteps, people around the world are understanding how it is enmeshed into our daily lives.

The music industry doesn’t immediately jump to mind when talking about precursors of sustainable practices. The environmental cost of producing and distributing music worldwide is immense and the rigid systems in place are hard to crack. Besides the more obvious factors like plane trips, we need to think about the hidden cost of our actions as well. As a band with a global voice, we need to take a proactive stand towards this matter. 

The aspiration of protecting nature certainly didn’t develop overnight, it was firmly planted inside us from an early age. Learning about the importance of our environment throughout our entire lives resulted in a strong solidarity towards it. But the urgency to declare this an environmental emergency is definitely inspired by what’s currently happening globally.

As musicians we have lots of opportunities to see the world first-hand and are faced with the already visible consequences of this issue.
As parents, we started to think even harder about the lasting effect of our own actions. What kind of world are we leaving behind for our kids to explore when they grow up, and what about the generations that follow? 
We are aware of the responsibility that comes with being artists who tour globally and the environmental impact of doing so, but we are also aware of our platform to spread this message towards a better future. 

We, Milky Chance want to take a proactive stand towards the environmental emergency. OUR MISSION is to become environmentally sustainable in all of our activities. From recording our music in the studio to touring internationally, we will have to look into every detail of our practices. Our goal is to shine some light on the issue of climate change and sustainability, and how this specifically affects the world of music. We think the best way to bring about the change that the world so desperately needs is by changing ourselves first.

We aim to do this by analyzing our status quo, investigating every aspect of our activities, endeavoring to learn as much as possible, and then making intelligent, sustainable changes. We want to learn how to improve, not only for ourselves but also so we can spread the word and raise the bar for new and more sustainable practices across the music and touring industry.

How did our project Milky Change come to life? To underline how our personal motivation came about, we want to share four little stories with you.
We know that making our business eco-friendlier is going to be a long process with lots of obstacles to overcome and loads of tasks to attend to, so we got ourselves a little help...

… this is where I come in. 

My name is Makii, and I was brought on board to help ensure we enact the desired changes outlined above. As much as I hope to be able to share only positive stories, I am certain we will face some pushbacks as well. This will be part of our learning curve and hopefully of some benefit to others on a similar path. We pledge to stay true to our mission and share our progress with you in a transparent and reflective way. 

Let’s radiate goodness and make a difference.