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24 Nov 2021 • Makii

Milky Change goes to... Spokane!

Finally....We are back on tour and back partnering up with local charities to put the spotlight on environmental protection.
  • Freezing fun.

    Together with the environmental charity Inland Northwest Land Conservancy we had a freezing fun day outdoors getting hands-on experience in what it means to take care of nature. 

    Freezing fun.
    Clemens cutting young trees that crowd the space to ensure other trees can grow in a healthy way.  Photo: © A. Molina
  • On Saturday, November 20, Milky Chance joined volunteers from the Conservancy for one last forest health project before winter really kicks into high gear.

    Milky Change goes to... Spokane!:  - Image 2
    Schmiddle putting his drummer muscles to work. Photo: © A. Molina
  • We helped fell small, unhealthy ponderosa pines, dug into the partially frozen ground top to plant native trees, and scattered milkweed to foster local pollinators in the spring. 

    Milky Change goes to... Spokane!:  - Image 3
    Philipp completing the circle of reforestation by planting new trees. Photo: © A. Molina
  • A big THANK YOU to Inland Northwest Land Conservancy for organising this event and teaching us about your important work.
    Also, thanks to all the volunteers that made it out into the freezing cold with us to help on the day.

    To find out more about the work INLC is doing check out there website right here. 

    Local press coverage by KREM 2News
Title picture: © A. Molina