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04 Oct 2022 • Makii

take care of what is there

For this years Europe Tour, we will protect 23.000m² of Peruvian tropical rainforest from the ongoing threat of deforestation, forever. For every ticket sold to one of our shows during the Europe Tour 2022, we are donating 25cents to our partner organisation Wilderness International.
  • Sometimes protection is better than trying to restore what was already lost.

    As you might've heard during our last tours, we were donating to a reforestation project and financed the planting of 1 tree per ticket. After a while, we realised that planting trees and hoping that they will survive long enough to not get flooded and washed off their spot in the ground, then grow slowly into bigger trees and then wait even longer for them to actually impact their surrounding and further down the line, have a positive climate impact one day, is (just like this sentence) simply too long of a process. 

    We need to act with urgency on the climate crisis!
    Isn't that what we always expect from politicians and the industry?!

    So, maybe what we really need to prioritize, is stop the ongoing destruction of valuable natural habitats that are still in existence, before trying to restore something that was already lost and waiting for the seedlings to sprout.

    Sometimes protection is better than trying to restore what was already lost.
  • A new approach of doing nothing.

    Wilderness International purchases primary rainforest areas with land title and legally protects them for all future. Donations refinance the purchases and at the same time finance long-term protection as well as environmental education and research.

    A new approach of doing nothing.
  • The secret forest.

    When the sun rises over the rainforest along the Tambopata River, the forest begins to breathe. Warm mist rises above the treetops and the sunlight breaks into warm colors of red.

    Only few rays of sunlight break through the dense canopy of the jungle's giants. They stand on tall buttress roots and are covered in liana and epiphytes.

    About the conservation area:

    Country: Peru
    Region: Madre de Dios
    Location of the protected area: along the Tambopata River, about 30km southwest of Puerto Maldonado
    Name: Secret Forest
    Size: 166.82 ha
    Ecosystem: tropical Amazon rainforest
    Climate: annual precipitation of up to 3,800mm (Germany: ø 223 mm per year)

    Brown-throated sloths
    Smooth-fronted caiman
    Tiger-striped tree frogs

    Ceiba trees
    Walking Palm trees
    Brazil nut trees

    The secret forest.
  • Let the Milky Chance forest grow by coming to our show or consider donating to the cause yourself.