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05 Dec 2021 • Makii

Milky Change goes to... Boston!

There's enough food to feed everyone, the issue is with distribution... 
  • On November 30th, we joined the student-run NGO “Sharing Excess” in their mission of tackling the problem of food insecurity.

    Milky Change goes to... Boston!:  - Image 1
    Philipp carrying bananas to be given out for free. Photo: © A. Molina
  • In communities everywhere, food is going to waste while people suffer from food insecurity. This is a disconnect created by the logistical barriers between excess and scarcity. If solved, this connection could ensure food security for all people living on our planet.

    Milky Change goes to... Boston!:  - Image 2
    To good to go. Photo: © A. Molina
  • But as vast a problem as food waste is, the solution often boils down to simple last mile logistics and delivery. Sharing Excess is meeting this challenge with the power of people, technology, and compassion.

    Milky Change goes to... Boston!:  - Image 3
    Who would ever toss out perfectly good Macn'Cheese?! Photo: © A. Molina
  • We had a great time with Sharing Excess. Check em out right here. 


    Milky Change goes to... Boston!:  - Image 4
Title Photo: © A. Molina