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02 Nov 2020 • Makii

SOS Sessions - Together For Rescue

Civil society extends to the seas and so we must uphold principles of humanity. 
  • We cannot achieve an ecologically sustainable world without social justice and solidarity for each other. Humanitarian organizations like SOS Mediterranée pose a shining example of what true solidarity looks like, which is why we contributed to their charity event SOS Sessions last weekend.  

    SOS Sessions - Together For Rescue:  - Image 1
    SOS Sessions, Berlin 2020 © Kevin McElvaney
  • “Our vision is of a world where every person in distress at sea is rescued and treated with dignity.”

  • The humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean Sea is a challenge we must solve as a society, but as long as European governments turn a blind eye, organizations like SOS Mediterranée have to continue stepping in. As musicians we have the opportunity to use our platform to support causes we believe to be valuable, the civil sea rescue of people trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea is one of them. We believe that solidarity shouldn’t stop at any border and anyone in distress at sea is deserving of help. 

  • Last weekend, SOS Mediterranée curated a live event with music, talks and panels here in Berlin in order to collect money to finance their life saving work.
    To put it in perspective: One full day of operating their ship the Ocean Viking, including the purchase of first aid materials, safety vests, plus food and water for people rescued by their crew, costs the organization roughly 14.000€. 

    SOS Sessions - Together For Rescue:  - Image 4
    SOS Sessions, Berlin 2020 © Kevin McElvaney
  • On Sunday, we contributed to this event by playing an acoustic set and engaging in a talk with former crew members about their experience at sea. Due to the safety measures, the event had to be held without a live audience, nevertheless a lot of you joined us for the livestream online.

    SOS Sessions - Together For Rescue:  - Image 5
    SOS Sessions, Berlin 2020 © Kevin McElvaney

    With your help, SOS managed to raise a total of 83.000€ over the course of the weekend. All donations go directly to the organization and will finance over 5 full operating days at sea. 

  • If you want to learn more about the amazing work the people at SOS have been doing over the last 5 years, please visit their website and consider donating to their cause. 

Title picture: SOS Sessions, Berlin 2020 © Kevin McElvaney