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08 Jan 2021 • Makii


Keine Musik Auf Einem Toten Planeten. No Hay Música En Un Planeta Muerto. No Music On A Dead Planet.
  • This statement is so very true and close to my heart. The music industry has an effect on the climate and environment of course, but what often isn't at top of the conversation, is that music also relies on a healthy planet.

  • Live music events need space and resources, without them there will be no music (on a dead planet).

    A grim warning sign was the cancellation of a festival in Australia beginning of 2020, due to the fire hazard. Shortly after, the outbreak of Covid-19 led to a global shutdown of the event industry. Climate change and pandemics are linked and will only cause more cancellations in the future. Even more so, these problems will become more frequent and more destructive in their intensity. 

    An issue of such scale has to be addressed by governments in particular. You seem to agree with us on that, since so many of you joined us in the comment section on our Instagram channel, telling us why you think that governments should act urgently on the climate crisis. 

    Some of them were:

  • “Our dear governments need to act because we only have one planet and should treat it with respect, but instead of doing that we're going to get more and more into this huge crisis. We don't have any time to discuss and talk. We need to act. And when the governments don't act, we have to! 🌍 by hannrich_

    “Not only has climate change drastically affected our environments and the quality of our natural resources but the impact it has had on mental health is always overlooked. When considering whether or not the weather takes a toll on our minds, it’s one aspect of climate change that is never talked about. Seasonal depression and anxiety disorder is a real threat to our communities and with the drastic changes in our weather patterns it has become a pressing issue. If the detrimental effects to our environments, natural resources and helpless species around us isn’t enough for our government to take immediate action, maybe the addition of humans mental health depleting will help catch the attention.” by megan_f_3

    “Because if this global pandemic has taught us anything, is that we need to take care of ourselves, our animals and our planet
    🌍🌿” by juul221b

  • Music Declares Emergency

    The t-shirt is part of a wider No Music On A Dead Planet campaign by the UK based organisation Music Declares Emergency (MDE). The campaign aims to rally public support to put pressure on governments to take urgent action on the climate emergency in the lead up to the UN Climate talks in Glasgow, November 2021. 
    We believe that music and culture has a unique ability to amplify this important message. 

  • Thank you to everyone that participated in our little Give Away!

    To find out more about the amazing work Music Declares Emergency is doing and to get your own NMOADP T-Shirt, check out their website. 

Title picture: Berlin 2020 © Anthony Molina