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15 Feb 2020 • Makii

Milky Change goes Leipzig... Save the seeds!

Did you know that there are more than 1000 potato cultivars and over 10.000 varieties of tomatoes? When we go shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables, we usually only get a couple of options or we are left with a single one for the most part.
  • GMO on the rise

    The continuing rise in sales of hybrid and genetically modified seeds by large agribusinesses led to a decrease of our foods’ genetic diversity over the last decades.
    “The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimates that 75% of the world's crop diversity has been lost through this profound transformation of global food production. “ says The Guardian.
    Global warming will have a great impact on agriculture, which makes the preservation of so called "open pollinated varieties" vital for the farmers to adapt to the changing conditions and independent from seed manufacturers.

    GMO on the rise
    Natural corn seeds in hand and red GMO seeds © Pearl PhotoPix
  • Save the seeds

    On February 12th, we visited the lovely people from Ökolöwe Leipzig to Save the Seeds!
    There, we learned about the issue described above and how we can help maintain diversity through growing and swapping seeds of older sorts.

    The Ökolöwe initiative is a non-profit, working on a variety of topics within the sustainability context. As a community based organisation they are uniting and educating locals about environmental issues. Visiting their community public gardens, we joined a group of volunteers in folding little paper sachets from old newspapers, which then will be filled up with older varieties of non-hybrid seeds.

    Save the seeds
    © Anthony Molina
  • While warming ourselves up with a hot cup of herbal tea and enjoying homemade bonfire stick breads, we were told about the upcoming flea market, where the seed sachets will be swapped and handed out for free. 

    Milky Change goes Leipzig... Save the seeds! :  - Image 3
    © Anthony Molina
  • Thanks again Ökolöwe e.V. for letting us join a wonderful afternoon and teaching us about this important topic!

    If you live in the area of Leipzig, make sure to check out their website for more fun events that give back to the environment.

    Milky Change goes Leipzig... Save the seeds! :  - Image 4
    © Anthony Molina
Wanna dig deeper?
Check out Ökolöwe e.V.

Title picture © Anthony Molina