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18 Feb 2020 • Makii

Keep it coming... more 2nd hand merchandise!

We had a blast testing out our 2nd hand merchandise idea at our shows in Amsterdam, Munich, Leipzig and Berlin!
  • So many of you (over 300 peeps!) brought something old and let us turn it into fresh new Milky Chance merchandise. We loved this project so much, we decided to also offer the screenprinting at our upcoming shows in Vienna, Hamburg and Frankfurt!

  • As a little reminder, here is how it works

    1. Find an old piece of clothing (it doesn’t have to be old obviously, but something you already own)

    2. When choosing your piece, try and make sure it’s primarily made from cotton (>30% Polyester won’t work for this)

    3. You also wanna bring something rather plain, uni coloured without prints (a simple shirt or hoodie will work best for this)

    4. Get ready for a good time and be on your way to the Milky Chance show in Vienna, Hamburg or Frankfurt

    5. Find the Sustain Merchandise stand

    6. Let us print an exclusive Mind the Moon design onto your clothing and give something back to the environment at the same time! 

    (psssssssst.... we are working on a new exclusive design for these upcoming shows....)

    And don't forget, we donate 10% to the local communities affected by the recent Australian bushfires.

    So Vienna, Hamburg and Frankfurt...Let's keep the good stuff coming!

Title picture © Anthony Molina