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10 May 2020 • Makii

Climate strike online with us and plant a tree 🌳

Signs for trees! Come join us in climate striking online this week and help us support the environment by planting trees in Madagascar.
  • This Friday, May 15th, we want to see you striking online with us and will back up our call for climate justice by planting one tree for every #climatestrikeonline poster we get tagged in.

  • ​Just follow these easy steps...

    1. Get creative and use this week to create your own protest sign.

    2. On Friday: Show us what you’ve got! Snap a picture of your sign hanging in your window, from your balcony or a selfie of you holding it and post it to your Instagram Story.

    3. Tag us! @milkychance_official #fridaysforfuture

    4. Signs for trees! For every climate strike sign you post, we will plant one tree.  

  • #fighteverycrisis

    Join us in protesting for our climate and let the Milky Chance forest grow. 🌳
    We can't wait to see you all on Friday.

  • Update May 19th: THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

    So many of you joined us in taking climate action online last Friday and I am excited to add 73 happy little trees to our tree counter.

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